Company values

company values

Customer Service:

We are always Mighty Helpful by giving our customers first priority. If we are not serving a customer, we are serving someone who is.


We are accountable for our actions & decisions.


We deal with every issue on a fair & reasonable basis.


We are friendly, welcoming & co-operative with our customers, fellow staff members & all others with whom we deal.

Honesty & integrity:

We act with honesty & integrity at all times.


We present ourselves & conduct our business in a professional manner at all times.

Sound work ethic:

We demonstrate a sound work ethic & commitment, work to the best of our ability & always productively use the time available.


We treat with respect customers, fellow staff members & all others with whom we deal.


We work co-operatively together as a team to achieve the best outcomes for our customers & our business.

Our purpose

Fagg’s Group Pty Ltd aim is to be the destination of choice for our trade and home improvement customers. We seek to invest in our People so we can always provide outstanding service and product value to our customers.

We will Build, Grow and Develop our business performance that is underpinned by SIX key operational pillars:

1. SAFE workplace

2. STAFFdevelopment and engagement

3. GREAT Mighty Helpful service

4. COMPETITIVE pricing

5. QUALITY products

6. SOCIAL conscious

Famous for


  • Continuous improvement and innovation
  • Community involvement
  • Safety


  • Eighth oldest family business in Australia
  • Multi-site Convenience
  • Specialist Trade offer

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