About Fagg’s Mitre 10

Proudly supporting Geelong since 1854

Our History

Fagg’s is the eighth oldest family business in Australia and it is still part owned by a direct descendant of one of its founders Samuel Fagg. The business has a long and fascinating history. We are at the same time a progressive business which has a total emphasis on customer service and providing value for our customers. Our business has a long history in the Geelong community.

Samuel and William Fagg arrive in Geelong

Samuel and William Fagg arrive in Geelong at Point Henry from Kent in England in 1852, ostensibly to mine gold at Ballarat but eventually saw an opportunity to service the needs of the gold miners by bullock wagon from Geelong.

Brothers buy into an existing business

The two brothers buy into an existing ironmongery business in Pakington St in Chilwell.

Moorabool Street

Samuel and WIlliam Fagg purchase a property on Moorabool St at the northern end of Barwon Bridge, on Barwon Terrace corner. The original property measured 66 feet along Moorabool St and 99 feet along Barwon Terrace and is still owned by Fagg Bros. Pty Ltd today.

Moorabool Street

On January 1901 a fire broke out in an adjoining property in Moorabool St and burnt all the way through between Lt Fyans St, and Barwon Terrace destroying the Fagg brothers site and other properties.

Timber Milling Process

A timber processing mill is established in Fyans Street near the South West corner of Moorabool Street

Geelong West Store Established

Fagg’s buy an existing hardware store (Baxter’s) and timber yard in Pakington Street, Geelong West near the corner of Hope Street.  This store closed in 2005

Association with Mitre 10

Fagg Bros Pty Ltd two hardware stores join the Mitre10 buying and marketing cooperative group which was established in Melbourne in 1959.

New timber and garden centre

A purpose built Timber and Garden Centre is built in Barwon Tce, behind the Moorabool St Hardware store which includes a drive-through timber and building materials warehouse, garden centre and 96 car parks.

Purchase of Colvilles

Fagg’s buy an existing hardware and timber business (Colvilles) in Anakie Road, North Geelong.  This site was totatlly redeveloped in 2004 but the store was closed in 2013 and the site was sold.

Fagg's Geelong established

Barry & Keith Fagg purchase the Fagg’s Mitre 10 trading businesses from Fagg Bros Pty Ltd. and establish Fagg’s Geelong Pty Ltd. All staff, stock, plant and equipment are transferred to Fagg’s Geelong. Fagg Bros. Pty Ltd. retain ownership of the freehold property.

Fagg’s buys Wallington Mitre 10

Fagg’s Mitre 10 buy the Wallington Mitre 10 store. Located on the corner of Bellarine Highway and Grubb Road Wallington.

Joint venture with Mitre 10 Australia (Metcash)

Metcash Ltd via Mitre 10 Australia enter into a joint venture to own and operate the business with Barry, Keith as minority shareholders.

Fagg’s buys Torquay Mitre 10

Fagg’s Mitre 10 buy Torquay Mitre 10 from long term owners Evan & Sue Crick. Located in Baines Crescent, Torquay.

Fagg's acquire Belmont Timber

Fagg’s acquires Belmont Timber, located on the corner of Barwon Heads Road and Breakwater Road Belmont. The merged business in now the largest trade timber and hardware business in the Greater Geelong region

Fagg's Mitre 10 and Belmont Timber today

Fagg’s Mitre 10 Belmont Timber now consists of four stores: South Geelong, Belmont, Wallington and Torquay employing approximately 230 staff across the four sites.

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